Made to Order Kirkton Tweed Kilt Outfit



  • Made to Order Kirkton Tweed Kilt Jacket and 5 button waistcoat
  • Made to Order 8-yard, 16oz Slanj Tartan Kilt
  • Bovine Dress Sporran & Chain
  • Leather Ghillie Brogue Shoes
  • Kilt Socks
  • Sock Flashes
  • Sword Kiltpin
  • Imitation Sgian Dhu

Please be aware that as the the kilt and jacket set have to be made to order in your chosen tartan and cloth, it may take several weeks to complete. 
If you are wishing to wear the outfit on a specific date, please let us know when you need it for and we will do our best to have it ready for your function.

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