Tartan Design

Hesco tartan.jpg

Hesco Tartan

A year ago we started a collaboration with Hesco on a new tartan design and supported their corporate merchandise tartan line. We have registered the 'Hesco Tartan' and we believe that this fabric will be an excellent addition to the company’s corporate identity and a means of creating a common ground for the servicemen and women that it is intended for. The colours within the design are taken from the rebranded pallet which was part of the company’s focus to direct their brand into a more approachable, dynamic and recognisable entity.

Ross Thompson, Head of Marketing, Hesco Group:

“From using our new brand colours, this tartan is a personal and beautiful contribution to the Hesco merchandise portfolio and members of military services can share in something relative and unique, whether they have the tartan made into a kilt, scarf, or trousers… it’s there for only them to use”.


Obama Tartan

A month after presenting Barak Obama with a Slanj Kilt and a pair of Tartan trousers the Obama Family tartan had been officially added to The Scottish Register of Tartans.

The Obama Family tartan was commissioned by the Hunter Foundation to commemorate the visit of former US President Barack Obama when he flew in to Scotland on 26 May 2017 to play golf at St Andrews.

He went on to speak at a prestigious dinner in Edinburgh and was presented with a kilt and trews made by Slanj Kilts. The red, sky blue and white colours in the tartan are taken from the flag of Chicago where Mr Obama lives and works, navy blue represents the Hawaiian flag where Mr Obama was born and green represents the Kenyan flag to honour Barack Obama Senior’s family roots.



As the sponsor of the Grand National 2014 and 2015, Crabbies wanted to stamp their Scottish identity on the event. They ordered kilts, trews, waistcoats, skirts, caps, ties, bows and wristbands in their own beautiful multi-coloured tartan which Slanj designed.