A few years ago, we started offering corporate services to various businesses, so we know a few things on how a corporate tartan can help a brand. Not only do we offer tartan design services to our customers, but we have created our own house tartans which are still some of the most popular ones with our customers.

Here is a list with 3 ways a corporate tartan can help with branding…

1.  Brand identity is vital to survive in today’s competitive market and bring your organisation forward. You have your logo, slogan and colours, but everyone does. What if you can add something else which can set you apart? This is where a corporate tartan steps in and brings more individuality to your brand.

2.  Recognition. People get to associate your brand tartan to your company. It provides a background for businesses and it creates a strong visual impact. The tartan itself is versatile, so it can be used on so many things, starting from staff uniform all the way to corporate merchandise, digital design and even office furniture.

3.  Heritage & target audience. If you are a Scottish born company or organisation, tartan is a great way to celebrate your heritage, especially if your target audience is in Scotland. But tartan doesn’t only apply to Scotland. A beautiful tartan design is appreciated world-wide and it is very successful for all types of business, it helps customers to connect and relate to your organisation and adds value to your brand equity.

Want to know more? How can you get it? How can you use it? How it will benefit your company? Just email Brian at brian@slanj.com and he will guide your through the process and answer any question you have, however small it is. 

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