Vegan Tartan Casual Kilt - (6 yard kilt)

Vegan Tartan Casual Kilt - (6 yard kilt)

from 250.00

The idea for a vegan kilt was born from the increasing demand for a traditional kilt abstinent from animal product.

We have also designed a brand new tartan for the kilt to celebrate and marry Scottish Tradition with Vegan Living. The vibrant tartan encompasses earthly inspired colours and is unique in that every colour is exactly the same width. This symmetry and the equal representation of colours indicate the importance of balance in life.

The cloth is woven in a specially developed polyester viscose material. It is our hope that this will be stage one in the development of this cloth and we are researching into other possible fibers and fabrics that could be an alternative to the poly-viscose.

  • Perfect for informal occasions.