The 'Hire Any Tartan' Service

Slanj Kilts will make any tartan to hire. It will be made in your size and you will have the option to buy once you have worn it.

The prices start at £200. which includes the full outfit hire (excluding shirt).

  • Kilt

  • Jacket & Waistcoat

  • Shoes

  • Socks

  • Sporran & Chain Strap

  • Sgian Dubh

  • Kiltpin

The £200 covers a standard 4-night hire but if you need longer it is available at an additional £10 per night.

We have a huge range of tartans available for £200 but if your tartan is one of the harder ones to find, we can still do it, at a higher cost.

You can buy your kilt for an extra £200 after the hire period, which is something well worth taking advantage of.

Check from the drop-down menus below to see which list your tartan is in and feel free to make an inquiry or request an order using the inquiry button.


Weathered Stewart

£250 List